Adventure Club — Aggie Theater, Fort Collins Colorado

If you’ve heard of Adventure Club (AC) you probably think of their fwell known song remix “Crave You”. In the summer of 2011 I discovered Adventure Club and kept up with their soundcloud.

This duo from Canada was really appealing to me and when I found out they were going to be at the Aggie in Fort Collins I had to go. I just knew that these guys were going to eventually blow up and I love getting to see artists before they hit their peak. It makes for a good experience and you feel honored that you have been following their story and success. The show was only $15 so I definitely could not pass it up!

Omega opened for them. He is a Colorado local. If you haven’t heard him check him out. His sound is heavy dubstep and he has created a sound of his own. I didn’t feel like I was hearing the same songs I always hear when he was playing his set.

AC came on not too long after him. They walked out with liquor ready to party and have a good time with the crowd. They were rowdy and all over the place, but kept it together during their entire set. One was standing on their stand and jumping around at times and pouring liquor into the crowd. The few songs that most people know by them were played. “Crave You”, “Do I See Color”, “Youth”, and “Till the World Ends” were part of their set. They played a lot of dubstep favorites from Flux to Skrillex and even Krewella.

Whenever I hear a song of theirs I always know it’s them. They have this sound that is consistent, but not consistent in a way that makes them boring or overrated. Their sound works for them and their remixes are phenomenal. They choose songs that have beautiful vocals, which is something I enjoy cause I always love singing along at a show!


Since seeing them and writing this review I have seen them one other time. They were the closing set at the basspod stage at EDC. From seeing them at a small venue where not many people knew who they were to seeing their set as the sun was coming up at EDC was a defining moment. They have come along way and I am going to be seeing them July 22nd for a 3rd time and I know they will deliver an epic set!


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