Parachute — Marquis in Denver

Parachute was the first show I went to at the Marquis in Denver (located off Larimer). It is a smaller, more personal venue. There is a decent size area to watch the performance, but there is also a bar and good pizza to enjoy during the show.

The tickets to Parachute were only about $15. I had listened to them multiple times before and figured seeing them at a venue like the Marquis would make for a more personal experience. There wasn’t much of a line to get in and it was packed by the time I had gotten there, but for the amount of people that were there it was fairly easy to make my way into the crowd and find the perfect spot to see them. I felt like no matter where I was in the venue I was close to them and there are few shows I’ve been too where everyone is SO close to the artist. I arrived a little late so I unfortunately didn’t get to see much of the opening acts.

Like I said before, I felt so up close and personal during the whole performance. The way they sound when I’m listening to them on my Pandora station/iTunes is EXACTLY how they sounded live. There is nothing better than hearing an artist who sounds just as good acoustic as their recorded material. They played some of their best songs, “She is love”, “Kiss Me Slowly”, “Forever and Always”, and “Something to Believe In”. The crowd was singing the whole time. The lead singer Will Anderson interacted with the crowd the whole night and even got off the stage and came into the crowd to be with the audience. He sang with them and made an attempt to acknowledge every girl who wanted a hand shake or hug. Each band member was extremely talented and contributed their performance in an outstanding way. Their pianist was incredible. I love how a piano can change the intimacy of a song and his instrumental skills were the added touch the show needed.

I’ve never been to a show that has been so up close and personal. I felt like they were a band that wasn’t very popular, but after doing even more research I’ve seen what they have achieved and was shocked they were at such a small venue. I feel lucky that I had the chance to see them when I did because I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see such an intimate show of that sort.



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