Global Dub Festival — Red Rocks, Colorado

2012 has brought exciting new things to Colorado. Since Electric Daisy Carnival was not an option this year, Global Dance brought Red Rocks Global Dub Festival. The headliner was Flux Pavilion & Doctor P with Datsik, Downlink, and Dirtyloud.

A nice little electronic line up if you ask me. I had seen Flux Pavilion at Decadence on New Years, but Doctor P wasn’t able to attend due to family circumstances. I was disappointed so when I heard that they would both be returning for their first Red Rocks performances I got a ticket the day they went on sale.

I arrived during the last 10 minutes of Dirtyloud’s set. This is the first time I had seen them live and even though I didn’t see much of them, their set had be dancing the minute I walked into the amphitheater. (If you want to know more about Dirtyloud and their sound check out their soundcloud at

Downlink came on after Dirtyloud. I wasn’t really fond on the order of the performances and I will explain in a minute. Downlink is an amazing producer. I like that him and Datsik were both at Global Dub, but I would’ve liked to hear Datsik first. Downlinks heavy drops and heavy metal style had the crowd hyped up the whole time and when Datsik came on I just don’t think he delivered near as well as he did when he performed at the Ogden back in April of 2011. Datsik is a great DJ/producer, but his set here didn’t deliver like Downlink’s, which is why I would’ve liked to see Downlink before Doctor P. He would’ve kept up the hyped pace that Doctor P was expected to come out with.

Doctor P was everything I expected. His set was so much fun. Hearing “Sweet Shop” was one of the best moments of the night. Not only did the song set a standard for dubstep, but it’s a “classic” to the dubstep community. Most every dubstep show I’ve gone to has thrown Doctor P in the mix and actually seeing him play his songs himself made me love him so much more. It was nice to see what I was supposed to at Decadence. I would love to see Doctor P again.

I knew what to expect seeing Flux Pavilion. Don’t get me wrong Flux has great sound, Circus Records is a great label, but I have to say I like Doctor P so much more live. Flux has songs that I love. Songs that are the staple of almost every dubstep set that I’ve seen, but I wasn’t SUPER impressed with this set. He was great on New Years and the Global Dub performance was better of the two, but I am just not too excited about him anymore. I by no means dislike his music or anything. There are many of his songs that I listen to everyday!  I think that certain artists become overly talked about and we expect so much out of them and when they don’t deliver the audience is kind of disappointed. My friends even felt the same way I did about it.

I hope Global Dub comes back, but I’m hoping for a better line up. This line up was fun and full of bass, but I think Colorado can definitely one up this in 2013.


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