Bassnectar — Red Rocks Colorado

The past two days I was lucky enough to see Bassnectar both SOLD out nights at Red Rocks.

I can’t put into words how amazing and electrifying it was. Friday night was the first show that was scheduled after his original date sold out.

I got there rather early because I brought some first timers with me and I wanted them to experience Red Rocks at its best. I was 3 rows up (both nights I was fortunate enough to be 3 rows from the stage). So I was close, I was center stage and I was ready for some serious bass in my face.

Bass in my face is exactly what I got. Diplo was fantastic. His hip hop beats and electronic sounds made everyone want to dance. A different vibe from his usual Major Lazer duo. I truly like Diplo when he is a solo act. His vibe fit the Bassnectar mentality that you feel when you are at a Bassnectar show. I have a new appreciation for Diplo after seeing his set. He is very talented and his electronic style and experience with hip-hop artists leads to a mix of music that everyone wants to listen to. (Perfect since Bassnectar’s recent collabo was with Lupe Fiasco). Bassnectar’s set this night was a beautiful blend. He played “wild style”, “808 Track”, “Pink Elephants”, “VaVa Voom”, “Ping Pong”, “Magical World”, and many others with a mix of new and old songs. The one thing I admire about him is that he plays his classics. The songs that everyone loves to move to and the songs everyone anticipates to hear during his set.

I left in awe just imagining what songs I would be hearing the next night. There were some songs he didn’t play the first night (probably because they were planned for his original set saturday).

The hype for Saturday was outrageous. I was extremely excited for Saturday because it was the original day and I knew the set list would be what we were all waiting to hear. Keys N’ Krates were one of the openers. I had never heard much about them until I did some research a few days before the show. Their Drake and Weeknd remixes set a tone that I had never heard. It was great to see a artists who were mixing with a mainstream sound. Not many people that I’ve seen live remix R&B artists and make it sound SO GOOD. They are such talented musicians and their use of live instruments makes their performance so much more personal. Each one of them with musical talents that create a laid back sound. Chill music was much needed before Bassnectar came on.

Of course his set was nothing short of epic, fantastic, mind blowing, and bass filled. The set on saturday was a completely different set with favorites from the Va Va Voom album making the crowd go wild. The songs from Va Va Voom that weren’t played on Friday were included in Saturdays set. He threw in “lights” in his saturday set as well, which I was thrilled bout because I was hoping to hear that instead of “magical world” again. The crowd favorite for saturday had to be “what”. EVERYONE went wild when the intro came in. we all knew what was coming and the hard hitting bass on the drop had red rocks going crazy.

Saturday was my favorite night out of the two, but at the end of the day Bassnectar NEVER disappoints his crowd, red rocks, or denver. His love for red rocks and Denver is unreal and I have so much respect for his humble ways.



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