Bassrush (EDC week in Las Vegas) — Las Vegas

So here I am in Las Vegas to enjoy what is going to be one the best experiences of my life: Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) (insomniac events)

But before the EDC festivities begin today I have to share my Bassrush Massive experience. This was a whomp filled dubstep show hosted by Insomniac Events.

Held at the New Orleans arena in Las Vegas, Insomniac gave EDC goers and EDM lovers a chance to get a dose of strictly dubstep. Performers included: datsik, 12th planet, borgore, knife party, bassnectar, excision and many more.

Walking in I knew this was going to be an intense show. The artists are all serious dubstep artists that have put on a bass filled show every time I’ve seen them. It was a lot to take in. I was seeing bassnectar for the 3rd time this week and was ready for an overdose of bass.

I got more than an overdose bass. I got enough bass to last me the rest of the year. Regardless, bassrush was huge. The line up sounded amazing, but was even better being there. All of the artists have their own unique style to add to the dubstep table.

12th planet (one of my personal favorites) created the perfect energy. He loves what he does. His passion shows in his performance and the crowd was hyped during his whole set. His own works and collabos with skrillex being part of the mix made for a filthy set. He celebrated his birthday during bassrush along with datsik so the energy was high.

Excision has been the 2nd loudest show I’ve been to compared to Bassnectar and his sound definitely didn’t disappoint last night. This is just flat out dirty dubstep. The crowd was rowdy, moshing, and didn’t stop going. His drops were killer and his set was fantastic. His light show was a bit intense at times, but it fit his hard hitting bass.

Knife party simply killed it. I was SO excited to be seeing them for the first time. By far my favorite set out of everyone at Bassrush. They played all their best songs and dropped an Internet friends remix that took everyone by surprise. Destroy them with lasers was one of my favorite moments of the night. They have their own unique sound. A sound no one else has. I can always tell a knife party song when I hear one and that’s what I love about them. Their light show was filled with intense strobe and they hyped the crowd up during the whole set. I wanted to jump around the whole time . Their set was so much fun and never slowed down. Just what I expected!

It’s safe to say for $40 I saw some of the best names in dubstep under one roof. If they bring bassrush back next year I will be there.

Sometimes we all need a night of heavy drops and bangers everyone loves to rage to.


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