Eye Catching Article

I was really ecstatic to see the article Porter Robinson was a part of in Rolling Stone. I read the article online and you can too if you visit the Rolling Stone website.

It’s great that someone so young is making such an impact on the EDM world. He states that “the other thing that’s been largely unexplored, especially in American dance music, has been hyper-emotional, goosebumps-inducing, chills-inducing music”. (Steve Baltin, Rolling Stone Magazine). I highly agree with this statement because any song that can give me chills before I see it live is a song that is going to be mind blowing live. This is how I felt when he closed his set with “language” while he was in Denver.

Porter is intellectual, artistic, creative, and he understands the impact he is making without letting it get to his head. He tells Rolling Stone, “It’s always better to lead than follow as an artist,” he says. “I would love to be the person to bring the next sound”. genius. One too many DJs are trying too hard to create the same sound as someone else. I respect his originality and what he sees for himself in the future. He is big now, but I predict that in the near future he is going to explode and be 100 times bigger and more appreciated than he is now.

For someone who is only going to be turning 20, his outlook is bigger than most. Those who see big things for themselves are lucky enough to allow bigger things to happen. He knows what we want to hear and he is going to deliver

Can’t wait to see what’s to come from him the rest of this year!

What do you guys think of Porter’s take?


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