Keep Your Ears Open for Krewella

“Krewella Members”

Over the past 6 months I’ve been follwing Krewella. The fresh new faces of the EDM world. When I heard their first song “Breathe” their remix of Skrillex’s “Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)”, I was instantly in love. I actually liked their version of the song a lot more than the original. Of course I think Ellie Goulding and Skrillex are both great, but Krewella added vocals that you don’t hear very often in dubstep.

I didn’t know much about them. Where they were from or how they even got started, but after reading their bio and seeing that they dropped everything they were doing to take a chance on their music career, I knew that they would soon become a new favorite. I admire artists who take big risks to make their career escalate. They were just fortunate enough to succeed in doing so. Their members are Jahan, Yasmine, Rain Man, and they are from Chicago. Jahan and Yasmine are the vocalists of the group. Killer vocalists too. Anyone who has been to any dubstep show loves to hear a familiar song that they can sing a long to. Skrillex and Nero’s anthem “Promises” is a prime example. These are the kinds of songs I want to hear and I am so excited that Krewella is delivering this . Krewella’s anthem is “Killin’ It”. Pretty much everyone I know who likes Krewella loves this song and can sing every word.

If you haven’t heard it yet take a listen.

They recently just released their first EP called Play Hard. It was released on Beatport June 18th and on iTunes June 26th. I highly suggest downloading this ASAP! All the songs live up to the expectations I had for them. I downloaded every song release they had until this EP dropped. 2011 and 2012 is going to be the biggest year for these guys! I admire them because they truly love their fans. Anytime that I’ve tweeted them they have always replied or made some sort of attempt to recognize what was said and not many artists take the time to do this. I appreciate them even more for this.

They also just released a single with Adventure Club called “Rise and Fall”. Both Krewella and Adventure Club are making debuts as of 2011 and 2012.

If you want to hear or know more about Krewella follow their twitter here or check out their soundcloud! These guys are going have many great releases in the future and I hope I get the opportunity to see them live. I’m very interested to see how well the vocals are delivered during a live performance! If you want to enter to win a chance to see them at Global Dance Festival just go to this link and follow the instructions. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win!


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