Super Secret DJ — Morgan Page

So…. out of all the rumors I ended up hearing about Beta were wrong except for one. Over the few days I heard Hardwell, Wolfgang, Krewella, Morgan Page, and a few others and only one of them was right.

And the DJ was Morgan Page! I was pretty happy about it. The last time I was at Beta I saw Morgan Page and I always enjoy his sets. His set on Saturday was by far one of the best sets I’ve seen from him. It was different than any other set I had heard from him. It wasn’t the usual set filled with only his best songs and the trance sound he usually carries. He had a huge mix of music in his set. I love trance, but sometimes it becomes to repetitive for me and I didn’t feel this way during his set. I have always loved Morgan Page. His vocalists are great and his songs carry meaning. Everyone who attended Global on Saturday said his set was great and I was happy to hear that he delivered the same performance at Beta.

Everyone expects a lot for a super secret DJ and he I believe he knew what he needed to deliver to keep everyone’s excitement going. I was lucky enough to be front row for the first half of his set. The one thing I do love about Beta is that it’s up close and personal. I felt so close to him and getting to watch him so close up allowed me to see the love his has for what he does. At one point I was able to be in the VIP booth right next to his set. He has blown up in the past few years so being so close to him was an experience. He really loves his fans. Beta was PACKED. The event sold out way earlier than anticipated. I was in and out because it was so hot inside and I am still wondering why I never heard “in the air” or “carry me”. Maybe I missed them when I stepped outside for some air. I don’t recall hearing them even when I was sitting outside. If I get a chance to see his set list I can figure out if I missed them. I would be rather disappointed knowing he didn’t play them because those are two of his well known songs that everyone loves to hear.
That night I tweeted him about his set. I know everyone tries really hard to appreciate their fans so I didn’t expect him to retweet or acknowledge it, but out of the thousands of people who saw him that night and the amount of people who tweeted him, I was the only person who received a response/retweet, which made my night even better! I know it’s just twitter, but I have loved Morgan Page since I started getting into this music scene and seeing him grow in the industry has been great. His music keeps getting better and better. His shows never disappoint. I know some people weren’t too happy about the DJ, but it was on a night when Global was more focused on trance music so I knew it probably wasn’t going to be anyone big in dubstep or from the night before.


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