Global Dance Festival Sunday Review — Red Rocks, Colorado

I’ll start by saying that Global Dance Festival (GDF) this year was so much better than last years. A lot of people weren’t happy with the line up for the 3 days, but I think they did a much better job with scheduling and having certain artists on certain days. Last year the first day was Kid Cudi and Empire of the Sun and it didn’t sell out. Red Rocks was pretty dead compared to what it usually is. This year was completely different though. I only had the opportunity to go on Sunday, but from what all my friends are saying, Friday and Saturday were almost sold out or sold out. Sorry this is such a long entry, but there were multiple artists I wanted to review from the night. Bear with me 🙂

I chose to go Sunday because of the line up. Figure, 12th Planet, Dillon Francis, Adventure Club, Zeds Dead, Crizzly, Excision, and a few others were part of the epic dubstep line up for the night. I got there rather early so the first person I saw was Figure on the main stage. Figure is new on the scene and has been climbing the charts the past few years. He is said to have some of the best live performances and is extremely talented at what he does. I haven’t listened to Figure very much, but his set was great. He played all of the songs that I knew such as ‘Mercy (Figure Remix)’ and ‘Dominate’. His hard hitting bass was the perfect warm up to all the great artists that were to follow. I like his style and he has created his own sound, which is sometimes hard to find when you’re discovering upcoming dubstep/EDM producers. Check out his soundcloud for free downloads!

I stayed at the main stage after Figure because I wanted to see Adventure Club’s set. This was my third time seeing them and if you go back on my blog you can read my review on them from February. These guys have really blown up the past six months. The last time I saw them the sun was coming up at EDC Las Vegas. It is amazing to see that they’ve gone from small venues (such as the Aggie where I first saw them) to having the main stage at GDF. The stage set at GDF was INCREDIBLE this year.

Adventure Club (image courtesy of a friend)

It was even bigger than last years allowing for some great lights shows. Seeing Adventure Club on this stage made me so happy. Their set was great as usual. They played their best songs: ‘Youth’ (with a remix), ‘Rise and Fall’, ‘ Collect Call’, and a few others. They threw in some new mixes of their well known songs, which was unexpected at times. It made their set so much better than I had anticipated. They love getting up on the set and raging with the crowd and being involved. I left their set 20 minutes early so I could go catch the rest of Kill the Noise’s set.

Kill the Noise was upstairs at the smaller stage. I think this was the perfect stage for him. This was the first time I had seen Kill the Noise. His set was dirty. I’m not sure how his opening was, but the last 20 minutes that I saw were great. I would love to see him again. He played his ‘Spitfire’ remix and even dropped a new song. I cannot wait for it to be released. He played some Skrillex classics with his own little twists in each song. His remixes are incredible. They are hard hitting and perfect for the dubstep fan who loves heavy drops and a variety of sounds. The crowd was wild during his set. Check out his soundcloud for more information and listen to some of his music. He is one of those artists that is big, but I feel as if a lot of people underestimate him. If you ever get the chance to catch one of his sets do so!

12th Planet was on after Kill the Noise. I love 12th Planet, plain and simple. I’ve seen him multiple times and his love for Colorado makes me love him even more. I was bummed that he wasn’t on the main stage because I believe he had the potential to be there and get a huge crowd. 12th Planet is a staple to your dubstep diet. Especially if you’re in Colorado. He opened his set with a lot of hip hop. Kanye West, Drake, 2 Chainz, and Keef Chief were all part of it. His ability to mix the hip hop sound we love with his known sound is what makes him such a great producer. He knows what the crowd likes and wants to hear and he knows how to get the crowd wild. He pumped up the crowd multiple times, jumped up on the table, and interacted with the people in VIP. His fans are what keeps him going strong and that is easily seen during his sets. I chose to see 12th Planet over Dillon Francis. I wish I had a review for Francis, but I was too intrigued by 12th Planets set. I was planning on leaving half way through to catch the rest of Dillon Francis, but I couldn’t find it in me to leave! That’s how I know an artist is doing a phenomenal job. If you can make me stay during an entire set you are doing something right! Here is his soundcloud. Get a taste of what you could be missing!

Following 12th Planet was Zeds Dead on the main stage. Zeds Dead is on my top 5 list of favorite people to see live in the EDM world. I love their music. There are some artists I only prefer to see live and don’t listen to their music a lot outside of a live show, but Zeds Dead pleases me live and while I’m taking my long drive to Denver. Their set at EDC was cancelled about 15 minutes in due to the wind so Sunday was making up for what I missed in Las Vegas. The crowd for their set was HUGE. The entire main stage was packed pretty much to the top. With the release of their EP Adrenaline a few months ago, they were bound to have a great set. They even brought Omar Linx along with them. Rap and dubstep has to be one of the best combinations (only if you’re doing it like Zeds Dead). Linx made their set 100 times better than the regular set you’re used to seeing. Their beats are incredible on their own, but throwing Omar Linx on a lot of their tracks makes them so much more meaningful and enhances their live performance. They played almost everything off of their new EP Adrenaline, Wild Heart, a new song with Omar Linx, Jackie Boy, Coffee Break, Ruckus the Jam, Bassmentality, Udah Yuh Skirt, and threw in some enhanced remixes. Zeds Dead was hands down my favorite set of the entire night. If you go to their instagram you can see half of the crowd throwing up Zs during their set. I was looking forward to them the most and they delivered. Their new release ‘Crank’ was just released as well. It was awesome to hear their new song and have another new song put out for release. You can listen to the new releases here. It’s safe to say Zeds Dead impressed everyone at GDF. It was their first time at Red Rocks and every time an artist has their first Red Rocks experience they throw down an unbelievable set. I would’ve liked to see them close GDF though. I highly suggest downloading any of their free mixes off their soundcloud. They never disappoint either!

Last but not least, Excision. This was the 5th time I’ve seen Excision this year. It was one of the more disappointing sets that I’ve seen from him. Excision is so talented at was he does and his hard hitting bass literally takes your breath away, but the first half of his set was just not what I was looking forward to. The first half was at a fast tempo and I felt like it was never going to stop. I had to walk out of his set for a few minutes because it was too high energy and all over the place for me. I would’ve preferred to see him before Zeds Dead.  It was nothing like his sets at the Ogden, Bassrush, or EDC. The second half was a lot better. It was usually what he plays and what I’m used to hearing from his live sets. He even dropped a new song with Datsik that is going to be released soon. It was the best song of the entire set and I’m looking forward for it to come out.

Global this year was a lot of fun. The music was fantastic. The line up was phenomenal. I had a great time going from stage to stage and getting to see everyone that I love in the EDM world. I hope that next year can deliver as much bass as this year!


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