Dashboard Confessional AKA Chris Carrabba — The Aggie Theatre Fort Collins, Colorado

I literally just walked in the door from the Dashboard Confessional concert at The Aggie in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is so crazy for me to think that I’ve been listening to his music for 9 or 10 years. I’ve always loved Chris Carrabba (the front man of Dashboard Confessional). His recorded albums have been full of meaning and sound phenomenal. The show at the Aggie was part of a ‘solo’ tour that he was doing. Chris is well known for being a part of Dashboard Confessional, which is why I think he decided to stick with the band name for his tour. Attracting more people to the small tour was what they were going for.

Apparently I’ve been bad with timing and shows because I arrived 45 minutes into his set. I assumed someone would be opening for him and it was a last minute decision to go. Either way I was excited to hear his voice when I walked in. His charisma on stage was even better than I had expected. He talked to the crowd as if he were having a personal conversation with one person and threw in a lot of humor. The crowd shouted out a lot of songs they wanted to hear and he played almost every request that was thrown at him. I admire him greatly for this because he is a crowd pleaser along with being a very talented artist.

Dashboard Confessional AKA Chris Carrabba

During his set he said he had a “special guest” to bring on the stage.  A young man came up and ended up proposing to his girlfriend on stage. It was a sweet addition to the concert. It shows how much people love Carrabba and I couldn’t think of a sweeter way to propose to someone. Dashboard Confessional is full of a lot of meaning and the songs are reflections of relationships. The acoustic setting for the show was perfect. All Carrabba ever needs is a guitar. Not having other instruments made the acoustic setting even better. Between few songs he would ask the crowd what they wanted to hear and someone shouted out “Bitter Pill”. He was shocked that someone wanted to hear such an old song, but he went a head and played it. He of course played some DC classics such as ‘Vindicated’, ‘Stolen’, and ‘Hands Down’. There wasn’t a song where the crowd wasn’t singing a long with him.

His live performance sounded just as good as his recorded albums. His vocal range is incredible. He can hit these high notes that you hear on the album, which a lot of artists don’t do that well live. I was thoroughly impressed with him overall. The crowd was great, the venue was packed, everyone sang, and he delivered an even better performance I was expecting.


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