Kaskade (with Fareoh & Alvin Risk) — Red Rocks, Colorado

Kaskade was one of the must see shows for me this year. I had recently seen him at EDC Las Vegas and was more than excited to find out that he was coming to Red Rocks. For those of you who have never seen Kaskade, he truly is a founder of electro house. Over the years he has released several albums, which gave birth to some of his most popular singles such as “4 Am“, “Dynasty“, “Move for Me“, and “I Remember“. If you haven’t heard much of Kaskade check out the links and listen. His music is also available on the iTunes store for purchase where you can also hear his new album.

With the release of his latest album “Fire and Ice”, the Freaks of Nature tour followed in 2012. Red Rocks is such a prime location for an EDM legend. It was extremely rainy the night of the show so I was a little disappointed with how miserably cold and wet I was during the first 2 hours of the show. Fareoh was the first opener. I hadn’t heard much of him and wasn’t too impressed at first, but as his set progressed I found that I couldn’t stop dancing and his electro house sound was so catchy. He released a remix of Kaskade’s “Lessons in Love”. Check out his soundcloud to hear some of his mixes. You could tell a lot of people were clueless as to who he was. I believe this tour was a great thing for him and gave the audience a new artist to follow. He is young, only 20 years old. He has a lot of room to grow and become a loved artist. Update: since this show Fareoh has become a better artist. He has released some new songs/remixes that have beautiful vocals and great flow.

I was most excited for Alvin Risk. Risk has blown up in the EDM world this past year and with his unique high pitched sound its easy to recognize his music. He is such a talented artist who performed his own vocals for some of the songs in his set. (Also check out his soundcloud to hear his music). I was more than impressed with his style. He brought Dominic Lalli (sax player from Big Gigantic) to play with him for a few songs and the crowd went wild. Everyone got much more excited and amped even though it was pouring down rain. The rain made Alvin Risks set a lot of fun and made the performance seem so much more intense. I would love to see Alvin Risk again and I hope that he gets the chance to come to Colorado in 2013. If you aren’t fond of his music or aren’t sure if you like him, take the chance to see him live. You will surely appreciate him SO much more. One of my personal favorites from Risk is his “We are Young” remix.

Last but not least, my thoughts on Kaskade’s performance. OUTSTANDING. EDC’s set was incredible, but the crowd at Red Rocks will always be better than any shows I attend. The set was fairly similar to the EDC set, but the songs were in different order and he made a few changes. I can’t complain about it though because I think the song selection was fantastic. Not only did he throw in “Move for Me” and a few others with Haley’s beautiful voice, but he gave them that electro house feel that Freaks of Nature portrayed. “Fire and Ice” was the focus of the set, but his ability throw in other peoples remixes of his songs was awesome. Dada Life’s “LLove” and Headhunterz “Lessons in Love” were the crowd favorites. I always could hear what was coming next and each song had me excited and had me moving the whole night. Not only was his song selection great, but his set alone was beautiful. The screens behind him had amazing visuals that went with each song. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them, which I find important because it keeps you looking at him while he’s at work. It was pleasant to see that Red Rocks stayed packed despite the weather. Kaskade is well loved by so many and it shows how much the denver EDM lovers really appreciate their music.

If you want to hear his set from EDC just click here and his set is the second set listed. You can listen and download for free courtesy of thissongissick.com


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