Skrillex (with: Zedd, Brodinski & Gesaffelstein, The M Machine, Tokimonsta) — Red Rocks, Colorado

All EDM lovers have seen Skrillex at some point in time. The first time I saw him at Red Rocks was at Global Dance Festival 2011. I knew who he was, but he wasn’t the global superstar that he is now. I was stoked to see that he was going to be at Red Rocks for his own show. I had a lot of mixed emotions about how his set was going to be. I thought it was going to be just another Skrillex show, but I’m pleased that say that it blew me out of the water.

I arrived after Tokimonsta came on so I can’t say much about the performance. I apologize for the inconvenience. I did however make it in time for The M Machine. I was excited for them. I saw them in July when they opened for Porter Robinson at the Ogden. I had no idea who they were at the time, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to see them before Skrillex. I didn’t want to miss their set and I will never miss one of their sets while they’re in Colorado. If you haven’t heard of The M Machine their soundcloud bio gives a nice insight without listening. It states “The M Machine looks to perfect the artistic union between man and machine, combining immaculate and powerful electronic production with emotional and infectious songwriting”. This statement is more than the truth. Their vocals are one of my favorite talents of theirs. I wouldn’t expect them to open for an artist such as Skrillex since they are more of an electro house, but I assume it was the right exposure that they needed.

Brodinski & Gesaffelstein. Let’s just say I had NO idea who this was and I still don’t. I was not impressed with their set at all. Especially after seeing The M Machine. I didn’t like their vibe, their music was extremely repetitive and the crowd didn’t have the emotions and vibes that I am usually comfortable with. An artist has control over the crowd, but their control was rather negative to me. I’m sure there are people out there who really love Brodinski & Gesaffelstein. I don’t want to tell anyone to not listen to their music or give them a chance so I’m going to tell you to go listen to them. A google search will bring up a lot of their mixes. I couldn’t find a specific website for them.

Zedd was the perfect build up to Skrillex’s performance. I couldn’t ask for a better artist to come on right before. Zedd is loved by many and his electro house style always makes people want to dance. The crowd immediately had a better vibe when he came on. His set was energetic and he played everyones favorite songs such as “Stars Come Out”, “Shave It”, “Slam the Door”, and many others. His light show was awesome and the whole production was what everyone in the crowd was looking for. If you peep this youtube video you can see some of it. His transitioning into songs was well flawless and I never knew what to expect (in a good way). Check out his soundcloud to hear some of his singles and remixes. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally Skrillex. First off, his set was bad ass. The Mothership was one of the coolest sets that I’ve seen from him. He rose up from the middle of the stage and all around him were these set pieces that shot out fire. In the beginning I thought I was just going to another Skrillex show, hearing the same hits, with some cool production to it, but this was phenomenal. This was more than hearing music. He put on an entire show. Hands down one of the best production I’ve ever seen at Red Rocks. He played a lot of his older stuff, which was really refreshing because I was getting tired of hearing the same songs over and over at each show. The effect that I was least expecting was the fireworks. There were fire works that would shoot out of the top of the stage on some of the song drops. Such a lovely edition to the drops everyone already loves. Do yourself a favor and check out this video to see his production and hear some of his set. I haven’t been in such an amazing crowd since EDC. The love for Skrillex and the happy vibes really made this an unforgettable show. I still get chills when I go back and watch the videos.

I will NEVER again underestimate Skrillex and his production. I am so happy that I made the last minute decision to come.

Photo courtesy to WestWord


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