Adventure Club — Belly Up, Aspen

I’m back to share my Belly Up Experience! I have a previous review of Adventure Club (AC), but I feel as this is one of the best experiences I’ve had with them this year. Belly Up is a very personal venue. It holds 450 max and has had influential artists walk through its doors. The floor of the venue is small, the stage is small, and there is a lot of seating, which made the venue very homey.

Adventure Club (Belly Up), taken by me

Adventure Club (Belly Up), taken by me

Doorly was the only opener for AC. I hadn’t heard much about him. We got there when the doors opened at 9 and no one was at the venue. Doorly came on at 9:30 pm and by that time people were starting to fill in. Doorly was a fantastic opener. He threw down some dirty dubstep and even threw in some rap/trap music that pleased the crowd. I like that he was the opener because Adventure Club has dubstep sets, but the addition of Doorly’s set gave the crowd a taste of everything. During Doorly’s set Leighton was having a drink at the bar so my friend and I went to chat for a little bit and he told us that he wanted to come sit out here and watch Doorly because he was one of his favorite artists. He felt honored that Doorly was opening for him, which is funny because Doorly said that he was honored to be opening for Adventure Club. We watched most of the set with Leighton and before he went back to his back stage he kindly invited us to come back stage have drinks and be able to watch the show. He was such a sweetheart and it was awesome to have such a personal experience with an artist that I have loved for the past two years. He was very genuine .

Adventure Club (Belly Up), taken by me

Adventure Club (Belly Up), taken by me

AC came on at around 11. Currently the duo is not traveling together. Christian has an injured back and his last show was at the Ogden in Denver back in October. Leighton was pulling the strings for both of them and has been for the past few months. I was a little nervous for him, but I knew he knew what he was doing with confidence. He was energetic and focused the whole time. It was so cool to be so close and watch him at work. He has such talent. His set list was perfect. Each time I see them its a little different. He played ‘Youth’, ‘Crave You’, and a few other fan favorites, but he saved the best for last. Their newest remix of Yuna’s ‘Lullabies’ was the closing song. Everyone in the crowd was singing. He walked off stage and came to the back room and we heard the crowd asking for an encore. He said he was going to go back out and play one last song. The crowd was really excited and it was the perfect way to end the show. He did his usual meet and greet with the fans. With such a small venue everyone was able to talk to him and get a picture. They are very involved with their fans, which I think is wonderful.

It’s safe to say I will be keeping in touch with Leighton about future shows since I was given the privilege to make a friend out of a talented artist. It is also safe to say that I will be back at Belly Up in the near future. It was such a wonderful crowd. Good vibes, and having such a personal show was such a great experience.


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