Dillon Francis, Kill Paris, Aviva — The Ogden, Denver

Dillon Francis was probably one of the most awaited shows at the Ogden these past few months. Everyone was excited that he was coming for his own headlining show and it was on the eve of when “the world was supposed to end”. The show sold out a few days before. This is the first time in a while that I had seen people looking every where to get a ticket to a show. There were high expectations for this night.

Dillon Francis - The Ogden

Dillon Francis – The Ogden

I arrived early enough this time to catch all of the openers. The first opener for the show was a girl who goes by Aviva. She was raised in Denver and has been in the EDM scene since she can remember. Her style is a glitch, progressive, minimal house style. I could tell she was really nervous about being in front of a sold out crowd. She’s had experiences with other influential artists such as Porter Robinson, but Dillon Francis having such high expectations meant high expectations for the openers as well. It took her a while to ease into her set. She was confident, but she had minimal energy and didn’t really know how to keep the crowd pumped up. Her set was good, but it was rather repetitive. The set got progressively better as her confidence increased. She is very talented and she her music is great, but she just needs to work on her performance. Aviva has a lot of potential.

For those of you who don’t know much about Kill Paris you should take the time to check out his soundcloud. He’s starting to make a rise in the EDM scene and he’s developed his own style and sound. ‘I Love You Lana Del Rey (Where I Left My Heart)’ is one of his latest releases that dropped a few days before the show. I suggest listening to get a feel for his sound. I was impressed with his set. He was the perfect warm up to the Francis set that I was anticipating. His style isn’t too dubby, but he’s got a smooth electro house sound that makes you want to move. I can easily see why he was chose to open for Francis. My favorite part of his set was when he did a remix to a Drake song. Everyone in the crowd loved it and it wasn’t what I was expecting. I have a new appreciation for his music. Since seeing him live I’ve started listening to his soundcloud more and I hope that he comes back to Denver.

Dillon Francis has taken over the Moombahton/Electro House scene. He has created his own Moombahton sound that is recognizable as soon as you hear it. The drops in his music aren’t huge, but his songs are full of energy and always keep the crowd hyped. This performance was by far one of the better that I have seen from him this year. He was eager to have a sold out show at the Ogden and he showed a lot of gratuity to the audience for showing him so much love. He stopped several times during his show to say how thankful he was to be in Denver. This night was easily comparable to Porter Robinson’s show at the Ogden back in July. Dillon played all of his favorites including ‘Like Home (Dillon Francis Remix‘, ‘Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)‘, ‘Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)‘, and many others. I respect that he plays mostly his own music throughout his sets. A lot of artists use too many songs from other artists and it becomes the same show over and over. This was better than I expected. The crowd had enlightened vibes and every person in the venue truly loved Dillon Francis and his music. This is the exposure and tour that he needed.


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