Personal Legend – EP (Savoy)

Savoy has become notorious for their dubstep electro sound and high energy shows providing plenty of laser entertainment. The 3 members Mike, Gray, and Ben are getting ready for a massive U.S. tour that will be live with lasers. Make sure to check out their website for tour dates! I will definitely be attending the Boulder, CO show representing Electric Family. High hopes that opportunity strikes to make them part of the family!

Savoy’s highly anticipated 4 song EP titled ‘Personal Legend’ was released on thissongissick January 15th. Over the past few weeks Savoy spent a lot of time promoting the EP on twitter. The only hint of sound we were given was on for their special guest set. Their dubstep electro house EP offers different sounds with each song and includes a collaboration with Big Gigantic. ‘The Bridge’ opens the EP with the electro house sound to warm you up, but moves to ‘AfterShock’ with a dubstep sound collab with Big G. The collab with Big G who also have music roots from Colorado adds more to the banger that has the most emotion out of all the songs on the EP. It demonstrates the best of both artistic abilities. ‘Kidz’ switches up the mood with a faster electro sound that will keep you moving your head and pick up the pace from ‘Aftershock’. Last but not least ‘Hard to Say’ closes the out the EP with killer vocals that build to a drum and bass drop that’s unforgettable. It’s personally my favorite next to ‘Aftershock’.


Savoy gets a huge applaud for this EP. It was everything I expected and it was what everyone was waiting to hear from them. My anticipation for their live with lasers show is through the roof. I can’t wait to see/hear these songs live and represent Electric Family for Denver.


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