Decadence NYE — Denver

I’m a little late on getting to my Decadence review, but I still wanted to write an article about the NYE experience everyone attended. The event took place for it’s second year at the Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. This year’s line up was stacked with artists and was more anticipated than the previous year’s.

I was lucky enough to snatch up a deal on a VIP ticket for $60. I couldn’t pass it up because last year it took over an hour to get through coat check and the line to get in. VIP offered a separate entrance and a complimentary coat check with it. I got there early this year because Wolfgang Gartner had an early set that started at 8:00 pm. He had to take off to a NYE show in Arizona so his set ended at 9:45 pm. His set was really energetic. I didn’t think many people would be at the venue yet, but there was a pretty full crowd for his set. It was the first time I had seen Gartner and he was everything I expected. He played his more well known songs and played some of his new stuff as well. I would’ve enjoyed to see him later in the night. He was a good warm up to the rest of the trap/dubstep night. I was more looking forward to heading over to Flosstradamus.

Floss was in Denver and Detroit for the night so the duo was split up. I think it shows a lot of artistic ability for a duo to be split up and each throw down amazing sets. Flosstradamus had one of the best sets I had seen from them. He opened with ‘Lana’s Theme’ a personal favorite of mine, which set the mood off right. Their trap style has quickly become a household name. He played everyone’s favorites including ‘Total Recall’, ‘Original Don’, and many others. To learn more about Flosstradamus, see booking info, and see tour dates, check out their website. The solo act from Floss for the night was excellent. He threw down just as well as he would when they’re together. He kept the crowds attention until people started to head over to see Krewella.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience Krewella’s set from a behind the scenes look. The excitement they had once they arrived to the venue was outstanding. They had just came in from Texas and their green room was chaotic waiting for their moment to go on. They were to perform on the stage that Wolfgang Gartner had been at. Once it was time everyone ran downstairs and quickly made it to the stage. The crowd had been waiting for the Krew all night so it was pretty rowdy. I am impressed with Krewella because even though they were probably on the brink of exhaustion, they kept the energy going the entire time. The girls crowd surfed and kept the crowd pumped up during the entire set. Some of their set included ‘Alive’, ‘One Minute’, ‘Can’t Control Myself’, their new single ‘Come and Get It’, as well many others. It was a non stop rowdy crowd. I believe the one thing that really kept the Krew going was that they were part of the midnight countdown. The countdown was the high light of the set. You could tell they were genuinely happy to be spending their NYE in Denver. The countdown was exciting and I couldn’t have been happier to be at their stage. Afterwards they did their quick little meet and greet and everyone headed back upstairs to the green room. Everyone received a champagne shower and Yasmine had a tub of ice water thrown all over her. The Krew is definitely a crazy bunch. Exactly what you would expect hanging out with them. If you watch the KREWLIFE Episode 3 you can see all the fun chaos that went down. Along side their craziness, all three of them are wonderful people. Kris (Rainman) is one of the most genuine people I’ve met. He made great conversation and was all for supporting Electric Family. Yasmine was such a doll and I felt like she was someone I had known for years. She recognized the Electric Family bracelets from the ones she had seen Leighton wearing. She was also more than willing to support us. My friend was able to chat more with Jahan and gave her a bracelet as well. It was a humbling experience to make them part of the family. They all went their separate ways after so we took off to catch the rest of Zed Dead’s set.



Due to spending time with Krewella I wasn’t able to catch all of Zeds Dead set. From what I hear the beginning of their set was pretty good. A friend told me they played all their best dub bangers and everyone was raging. I wasn’t able to hear if they played their remix of Marina and the Diamonds ‘Lies’. I hope for everyone’s sake that they did because it’s such a beautiful remix. The last 45 minutes of their set that I was able to catch was great. I may be a little biased at times because the dub duo are on my list of top 5 favorite artists, but I think they always throw down amazing sets. They know how to take control of a crowds emotion. Some people weren’t as impressed with their set when compared to Globals. I heard a lot of mixed reviews. Mostly good things, but I started to hear everyone gushing over Mimosa’s set. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see their set. For the most part everyone who talked about it said it was a lot better than they were expecting. His new song ‘SWRV’ that was released this past month is a taste of the experience he gave the crowd.

I also missed ATB’s set, but I had the chance to see him at EDC so I wasn’t too bummed out. Overall my Decadence experience was a lot better than last year’s. I may have had a different experience than the normal show goer this year, but I know most people were just as pleased with what was put together this year. I can only hope that next years is just as fun. It’s an event I have grown to look forward to. The set up was great and the line up was much to look forward to.


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