New Tunes to Start the New Year

There a few new songs that have been on repeat the past week or so. Things were slowing down for a little, but a lot of artists are back on the grind with awesome new releases. Below I have some of my favorites with thoughts and links to listen/download.

1. Flosstradamus – B⚠NNED 2


Flosstradamus is back with another installment of B⚠NNED. Unlike the last, this installment has been released as a 33 minute mix. The mix is filled with trap bangers with added rap songs that Flosstradamus has become notorious for remixing. The mix starts off with a trap style that has their recognizable sound and they transition to new songs/sounds extremely well. The duo is genius when it comes to different sounds and trap style. They’ve mastered it and B⚠NNED 2 has demonstrated this perfectly. Flosstradamus is becoming a household trap name that deserves all the recognition they’ve been getting. There isn’t a dull moment in this mix. I personally like this better than the first. I like that it was released as a mix and not as separate songs. The mix features over 20 songs and the track listing is available on soundcloud when you go to listen to the mix. Well done Floss, well done.

2. Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)

'Rez' Cover Art

Bassnectar was hard at work 2012 with huge tours, festivals, and new releases. The start of 2013 brought a silence to Lorin as he tweeted “Going off grid for an undisclosed amount of time… may the force be with you”. This clearly means he is in the lab cooking up so new mixes and tunes for the spring and 2013. The first release of the year being his remix to Underworld’s ‘Rez’. The new remix dropped a day ago on soundcloud. Bassnectar made a statement to Child’s Play about the release saying, “By the time I first heard ‘REZ’ I knew it would become a classic. It was the third ‘rave’ I had ever been to,” says Ashton, “That was the only song I remembered from the entire night. And for years to come, whenever I hear any version or remix or even a slight fragment of that shimmering resonant arpeggiator I get flashbacks”. The track keeps its distinct original melody, but throws in his well-known bass to give it more power. Its an instant classic on it’s own and it will be an instant classic to Bassnectar’s collection of bass filled remixes. It will be available for purchase on iTunes February 12th and is also available for pre-order on vinyl from Child’s Play.

3. Dada Life – So Young So High (Dillon Francis Remix)


The already fun and bouncy sound produced by Dada Life was released on their ‘Rules of Dada’ album has been playfully remixed and given a new twist by Dillon Francis. This release from Dillon Francis a week ago has already become one of my favorite remixes to a Dada song. He only uses the vocals at the beginning of the song, but the build and the breakdown is what I would expect to hear from Francis. Right away I thought of this remix as being trap. It’s not the same trap sound everyone is used to. Francis creates a trap style that encases his distinct sound. I give two thumbs up to Francis and this remix. It was done tastefully and I love it just as much as the original version.

4. Marina and the Diamonds – Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)


I patiently waited for the release of this song. I’m little late on adding this, but it’s by far on my favorite remixes released by Zeds Dead in a long time. I first heard it in the Mixmag Mix posted two months ago on their soundcloud. I immediately fell in love because of the vocals. Zeds Dead always remix songs that have really great vocals. They have the ability to create beautiful dubstep without over doing it. The vocals are beautiful and the piano lines work wonderfully with the electronic style of the remix. You have to listen to this song all the way through. What a great way to start 2013!


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