Artist Spotlight: Protohype

I have been lucky enough to get in touch via twitter and soundcloud with Protohype (Max Pote). He has been getting a lot of recognition for his work and recently became part of  Electric Family. He’s been on tour with Paper Diamond and Crizzly, collaborated with Kezwik and Carnage, and has also produced remixes for Krewella and Adventure Club. Be sure to check out his soundcloud to hear remixes, collabs, and more! At the end of the interview I have information on how to support and become part of Electric Family.

After learning about Electric Family, what are your thoughts on the company and do you think the EDM community should be a part of the family and wear the bracelets?

Protohype: “Electric Family seems like an awesome company. I’m down to support any cause with goals of being family. I think a bracelet is a perfect and simple idea to unite people under one cause.”

How did you come to the name Protohype?

Protohype: “I’m kind of weird and have a strange knack for combining words…but I honestly just wanted something that sounded futuristic and modern, but also crunk and dirty.”

What do you prefer more – remixes or original production?

Protohype: “I prefer to make originals more than I prefer to produce remixes. Originals are more of a challenge for me, and are more rewarding once you finish them and people enjoy them. Remixes are cool, they are really easy for me to do for the most part. People recognize them more and usually go off a little harder at shows, so I love them too.”

Are there artists that you look up to or artists that help influence your music?

Protohype: “100%. The deeper in the scene I get the more I’m kind of realizing that it’s not all about the music you make that allows you to become successful, it’s about who you are as a person, how you handle yourself, and how you respect others. Guys like Paper Diamond, 12th Planet, Datsik, and Skrillex all are great examples of people who not only make amazing music, but are great people in general. That’s really all I look for anymore I think…someone I can vibe with and chill with on a completely different level than music production, and those people end up being the ones who influence me most.”

What can we expect to hear from you this spring? (Anything: new music, shows etc.)

Protohype: “I’m really excited to go on my first actual tour with Minnesota starting at the end of February. I’ve done a few one offs on tours with guys like Crizzly and Paper Diamond but never really had one of my own so I’m pretty stoked to support Minnesota on that run. I’m also sitting on 3 EP’s right now that I can’t talk too much about right now, but will have a big announcement about where they are headed for release very soon. Pretty much just riding this little wave I’m on right now and letting whatever come come.”

Where is your favorite place to be and what do you enjoy doing when you’re not traveling and have some downtime?

Protohype: “I’m kind of a homebody. I don’t usually go out unless its for a show, or to see an artist I really enjoy. My favorite place to be is hangin’ at home with my dog playing video games. I enjoy cooking a lot also…its one of my favorite things to do when I get some time to do it right.”

What’s one thing you can’t be without when you’re on tour/traveling? (Other than your typical necessities).

Protohype: “I hate flying on plane’s without that little neck pillow thing you can buy in the stores at the airport. They kinda suck at first but I think my neck has permanently adjusted to sleeping crooked on a plane with that thing, so I gotta have it.”

If you could have one ridiculous item on your rider what would it be?

Protohype: “I have a little stuffed penguin on my rider right now, that’s about as ridiculous as I’ll probably ever get. I love penguins and they’re good luck for me so when I get my rider actually completely filled, I have him chillin with me on stage.”

It’s safe to say that Protohype has a big year a head of him with a tour to look forward to with Minnesota and EPs to be released. We are happy to have him as part of the family and can’t wait to see what big announcements are to come!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.57.40 PM

Protohype & Adventure Club repping Electric Family

If you also want to support Electric Family please visit to purchase bracelets. Use code EDMCO when you check out to get 10% of your purchase!


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