New for Your Ears

This month has been full of new music. Make sure to listen and download these!

1. Killin’ It (Stratus Remix) – Krewella


Stratus, the 22 year old producer from Chicago has been putting out remixes and originals for the past year. His soundcloud is full of downloads with remixes to Adele, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Zedd, and Krewella, the newest addition to his collection. This remix is one of the more diverse remixes I’ve heard out of the Krewella remixes. Stratus has trapped out ‘Killin’ It’, but kept a dubstep edge to it. This remix is awesome. A fresh new twist on Krewella’s music is just what everyone needed to hear!

2. Hot Sauce – EP – Zeds Dead


Zeds Dead has done it again! They have released some incredible music this past year and Hot Sauce was the perfect release for them to start 2o13. The EP was released on Diplo’s label Mad Decent January 29th. They definitely took a risk with this EP creating different sounds and exploring genres and giving us something new and fresh. The EP starts you off with ‘Demons‘, which encases the signature sound the duo has made us love. It’s the perfect opening to the EP giving you a taste of Zeds Dead, but leading you into whats to come. ‘Mr. Sub‘ changes the mood completely with funky tech sound. A change from the usual drops they incorporate into each song. ‘Playa‘ is my favorite track off the EP. This one is going to be a staple to everyones electro house/dubstep/trap diet. It carries a siren like sound throughout, but makes you want to move. ‘Rave‘ the fast moving track gives the signature sound of Zeds Dead, but with more of a electro house vibe to it. The last track on the EP is ‘Trouble‘. The piano lines, glitch sound, and voice sample through out close the EP out the right way.

3. Troll Mix Vol. 2 – Krewella


I usually don’t put the same artist in a post twice, but I had to this time around. The much awaited Troll Mix Vol. 2 – The Road to Ultra is now available for download on soundcloud! Krewella will be part of this years Ultra Music Festival line up. The mix was part of the UMF Radio #200 mix that was released a few days before with Zeds Dead. This bass filled 60 minute mix that has remixes and originals and is my favorite addition to the Troll Mixes so far. There are familiar songs through out the mix as well as unheard remixes and such from Krewella themselves and others. Make sure to check out their soundcloud to listen and download for free. You won’t be disappointed!

4. Blow The Roof – EP – Flux Pavilion


The highly anticipated EP from Flux Pavilion was just released 2 days ago. This EP was much needed for Flux and this is more than just an EP filled with bangers. Flux adds his own vocals to the EP and has collabs with Childish Gambino and Sway and P Money. He brings in dubstep, trap, moombahton, and house throughout giving each song its own unique sound. Not every song on the EP sounds the same. Its nice to hear some variety and hear Flux experiment with some new sounds that turned out to make a pretty impressive EP. ‘Do or Die (feat. Childish Gambino)’, ‘The Scientist’, and ‘I Feel It’ are my favorite tracks off the EP. Make sure to check out Beatport to listen and download ‘Blow The Roof’.

5. Me & You (Minnesota Remix) – Cassie


Minnesota impressed us all with ‘Altered States – EP‘ 2 months ago and has done it again with his recent release of his remix to Cassie’s ‘Me & You’. He said he would release this after he had 40,000 followers, but released with a few follows shy. The use of Cassie’s vocals work so well with the glitchy sound he has mastered. This has really turned into his own song. It carries all of his sounds and style with Cassie’s voice being that needed touch. The download is available for free on his soundcloud and also grab his ‘Altered States – EP’. Minnesota will be going on tour so make sure to check out his tour dates and don’t miss out!

6. Locked Out of Heave (The M Machine Remix) – Bruno Mars


The M Machine are extremely talented. Their sound is so distinct, but they make beautiful remixes. This being a prime example of what they’re capable of. This electronic trio did it right and turned a pop song into an awesome electro banger. Its electronic sound is just what the track needed. The piano melody at the beginning, Bruno Mar’s vocals, and funky sounds definitely make this song better than the original. Not many can remix a pop song and make it sound as great as this. Make sure to pick this one up on Beatport. It’s a must have for your iTunes library!

7. How To Be A Heartbreaker (Dada Life Remix) – Marina and The Diamonds


Zeds Dead did it right the first time with their remix to Marina and the Diamonds ‘Lies’, and this time Dada Life takes the cake for their remix to ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’. I never expected Dada Life to remix Marina and I was shocked to see this on my soundcloud stream. I’ve always been a huge Dada Life fan and after hearing this remix I could see why they chose this song. The vocals and the meaning behind the song fit so well with the signature sound Dada has created for themselves. It is a little reminiscent to ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’, but I can’t complain because that was a crowd pleaser from Dada Life. The remix is an electro house mix with a heavy bass line. The song isn’t available for download yet, but you can listen to it on their soundcloud.

There have been a lot of great songs released the past week or so. These have been some of my favorites so far and have been on repeat 🙂


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