Artist Spotlight: Luminox

Trap has gained a huge following this past year, but there are few who have mastered the genre like Luminox has. He’s won over the ears of many and is the reason EDM lovers have come to love trap. A lot of people don’t grasp what the trap genre is for, but he has mastered the art of what many believe it is for: making girls want to dance. It runs a lot deeper than making girls want to dance though. Luminox is the representation of the hard work and time that should be put into making trap. His remix to the Bingo Players song ‘Rattle’ and the EDM anthem ‘Epic’ are perfect examples of his ability to turn a loved electronic/electro house into a trap song everyone can still enjoy, but recognize. He eases EDM lovers into the trap world without overwhelming and provides a sound that makes him one of kind. Luminox has a big year a head of him with an expected EP, new releases, and numerous shows. Follow him on twitter for updates and more. If you’ve been on the fence about trap and haven’t listened to much make sure to check out his soundcloud where you can listen to originals and remixes. A few of my favorites are ‘Badman (Luminox Remix)‘,’Original Don (Luminox Remix)‘, and ‘Who’s Gonna Stop Us (Luminox Trap VIP)‘.

Luminox recently opened for Helicopter Showdown at Beta Nightclub in Denver. I went to exclusively watch his hour long set. Out of the trap artists I’ve been able to see he’s definitely in my top 3. There are few trap artists that I have gained the utmost respect for.  His sets are full of energy and his mixing abilities are on point. There wasn’t one time during the set that I didn’t want to dance. I’ve gained a whole new respect for Luminox. After having the opportunity to talk to him about what he does and getting the artists insight, I’ve come to understand what makes a good trap artist and what helps them create music make girls want to shake their ass. It may just be what some call a ‘trend’ or a ‘phase’, but there are artists that are going to survive. Artists as talented as Luminox are the ones who are going to keep trap alive. Make sure to grab tickets to Snowball Music Festival to catch his set if you haven’t had the chance to see him yet!

If you’re interested in other bass/trap artists, Bro SafariAntiserum, and Flosstradamus are some of my favorites along with a few others. There are so many more out there, but I’ve learned that you have to really listen to their music and experience a live set before you can appreciate the genre to the fullest. If trap satisfies your ears check out the Moombahton Forever album to get taste of moombahton, another genre that is also winning over the ears of many.


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