Candyland – Cervantes, Denver


Candyland took the stage at Cervantes in Denver February 7th. I was looking forward to this show after the recent release of their Bring The Rain EP. The duo comes from Santa Barbara and has been getting well deserved recognition this past year. The show at Cervantes was put on by Candy Grind. Dodger, Be Good, Weisz Guy, Matty Mac, and saVage were openers for the show. I enjoyed the openers quite a bet. They set the right mood and they drew a great crowd for Candyland. Unfortunately, one of the members (Josie) was able to be there. I was a little disappointed at first because I was hoping to see them both. I wasn’t sure what to expect to see Candyland as a solo set, but I couldn’t be too doubtful because many of the EDM duos I have seen separately have done really well. The laser/light show was great before she came on so I knew it was going to be awesome during her set. When she came on she immediately had the crowd hyped up and it stayed that way during her entire set. I was more than impressed with her set. She played the perfect blend of trap, dubstep, and electro house. Every recognizable song through out the set always had a new twist or an alternative version of it was played. There were some songs she played that went away from the expected drops and turned into awesome trap/dub remixes. Several songs from their new EP were played as well. Don’t miss your chance to see Candyland next time they’re in Denver at The Church Nightclub April 12th!

The event could have been advertised better in my opinion. I’ve always thought that Candyland had a lot of potential, but more people could’ve known about the event. Cervantes is a really great venue and I know the show could have drawn a bigger crowd. Regardless, I am happy I made the decision to go. Candyland is on the verge of blowing up and I love seeing artists while they’re on the edge of something great.


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