Clarity Remix – EP


It’s finally here! The much awaited Clarity Remixes EP from Zedd is available for download on iTunes. Clarity is the much loved song from Zedd’s recent Clarity album release. The song features beautiful vocals from Foxes and carries a deeper meaning, which has made Zedd fans love the song even more. Since the original was released, Zedd put out a YouTube video with an acoustic version of the song and performed it acoustically on the David Letterman Show. Falling in love with the original and acoustic version made the wait for this remix EP worth while. The EP features remixes from Tiesto, Brillz, Style of Eye, and a Zedd Union Mix.

The EP opens with Zedd’s Union Mix. It starts of with his piano work and symphonic background. It’s the version he performed on the Letterman Show. It has a beautiful acoustic sound that carries throughout. In my opinion this song carries much more meaning than the original version. You can hear all Foxes vocal abilities, focus on the lyrics, and hear the emotion and deeper meaning of the song. It was a great way to open the EP. The second remix on the EP goes to the all time legend TiestoTiesto’s remix gives Clarity an edgy  electro house sound that is recognizable as soon the song begins. The way he uses the background vocals at 1:15 keep the familiarity of the original. The drop on this song is phenomenal and definitely changes it up. I love how it keeps it’s original Clarity essence, but showcases Tiesto’s signature sound. It was a great warmup to the other two remixes to come. Style of Eye’s remix follows Tiesto’s. Personally, this is my favorite remix next to Zedd’s Union Mix. It takes a slower approach at first. He builds in with a house sound that puts a new twist on Clarity. Foxes voices comes in and it keeps building into an electro house drop that makes you want to dance. The blend of house and electro house is what made this remix my favorite. I especially love the ending of this remix too. It was nice to hear a remix from Style of Eye because I really enjoy his work. Last, but not least Brillz remix closes out the EP. Trap has been blowing up the past 6 months so I expected there to be a trap remix on the EP. It’s great to see electro house artists giving trap a chance. I’m glad that Brillz was picked to do so. I’m a big fan for great trap artists and Brillz fresh new take on Clarity was what this EP needed. His recognizable trap sound opens up the song, but the original piano lines and Foxes voice take over. It sounds similar to the original, but it drops into a smooth trap beat. His use of the background vocals in the next build to close the song out right leading to one last drop. Not many trap artists would have been able to produce a remix to Clarity as well as Brillz has.

Overall, I was pleased with the EP. Each remix made me love the song more than I already did. Each remix had its own twist and offered something new. I love everything about it and I will definitely have this EP on repeat! This is a MUST HAVE for your iTunes library. Don’t forget the EP is available for purchase on iTunes or check out Zedd and artists soundclouds to listen.There are a few other remixes in the works for Clarity. Felix Cartal has a preview of his on soundcloud and so does Torro Torro. I’m assuming this means there are more remixes to be released! I can’t wait to hear more!


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