Feed Me w/Teeth – Ogden, Denver

I made the last minute decision to catch Feed Me’s set with Teeth at the Ogden. The London artist comes from the UK and is signed to mau5trap. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to see Feed Me with his Teeth and I am so glad I made the decision to go. Mord Fustang, Ishe, and Tjani were the openers for his set. Make sure to check out their soundcloud’s to download and listen to what sounds they have to offer!


When I walked into the Ogden the first thing I saw was a huge curtain as the backdrop hiding Feed Me’s teeth. Mord Fustang was on when I arrived. It was the first time I’ve been at a show where an entire set was covered by a curtain. It took away from the experience of the openers, but Mord Fustang threw down a pretty decent set. He has a good variety of electro house/dubstep. There were times when I felt it was too repetitive, but I was also distracted by the lack of production given to the openers.  I would like to see Mord again at a different venue. Maybe Beta or another show. He was a good opener for Feed Me’s set. The crowd was extremely anxious to see the teeth though. The vibes from the crowd were great. Everyone was happy and mentally preparing themselves for the set that was to come. Mord ended at not too long before midnight. Feed Me was planned to come on at 12 and after it was close to 12:30 people were wondering what was going on. It turns out that Feed Me had been in the hospital that day after falling ill with meningitis. After hearing this I kept my fingers crossed that he would still perform.


When the curtain dropped I was in complete shock. I could not believe that he was able to perform under the circumstances. His set lit up and the crowd immediately started cheering him on. He didn’t say a word and started his set. When his teeth lit up for the first time everyone was in complete awe. I’ve never been in a crowd that stood motionless taking in the music and the set. There are few artists who have sets that keep you hypnotized. It was more of a humbling experience because he was doing this set as sick as he was. It didn’t take away from his show. The crowd wasn’t a very wild one like most of the shows I attend at the Ogden. Everyone was dancing and there was a flow to the crowd. I could feel that everyone in the venue felt the same. Seeing an originator in drum and bass was an honor for EDM lovers. He played ‘Gravel‘, ‘Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)‘, ‘Cloudburn‘, ‘Strange Behaviour‘, and ‘One Click Headshot‘. All crowd pleasers especially since the graphics on the teeth went with the music perfectly. It was hard to take your eyes away. One of the coolest moments of the night is when he displayed the U.S. flag and UK flag across the teeth. My favorite moment was the end of the night when he closed his set with ‘Love is All I Got w/Crystal Fighters‘. It was the perfect way to end the set. There wasn’t a person not singing along.

There are few shows that I go to that make me smile from ear to ear for 2 hours. I couldn’t stop smiling and feeling so happy to be there to experience Feed Me. I would love to see him again. I have so much appreciation for artists who have the total package when it comes to a live performance. If you ever get the opportunity to catch one of his sets make sure you do. Even if he doesn’t have his teeth it would be a great opportunity.


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