Life In Color – A Review


Life in Color Rebirth was held at the Balch Field House in Boulder on February 16th. Formerly known as Dayglow, the event has taken on a new name and a new image. The last time I went to Dayglow was two years ago. I wasn’t too fond of the event. A lot of things could’ve been done better, which is why I was really looking forward to Life In Color. The venue was pretty big and had plenty of room for everyone without being overly crowded.

The line up for this event was great minus the fact that Seven Lions wasn’t able to make it. I was disappointed by this because I have been a big Seven Lions fan from the beginning and I missed him last time he was in Colorado. The talented duo Basscrooks from Denver ended up being the only openers I saw for the event. I enjoyed their set a lot. They played a lot of heavy dubstep and had the crowd rowdy the whole time. Their own songs were played as well as other well known tunes by Skrillex, and many others. I knew Borgore’s set was going to be heavy dubstep with some drum and bass so by the time Basscrooks ended I was happy to have a break to cool down, grab some water, and get ready for the massive amount of paint that was going to put into the crowd. Borgore’s set featured the Cream Machine. A giant LED ice cream truck in which his set is played in. The picture below isn’t from Life In Color, but is a glimpse of the set that was seen at the event.


The last time I saw Borgore at Skylab I didn’t care for his set too much, but this time around I was really impressed. He played the perfect mix of dubstep, drum & bass, and electro house. ‘Nympho‘, ‘Decisions‘, and ‘Flex‘ were some of Borgore originals thrown in the set. Paint parties are messy and after the first experience with Dayglow I was nervous about this one. This time around I actually wanted to get messy and dance in the crowd. Paint Party + Borgore = Success. Borgore is known for his wild sets and the addition of paint the crowd more rowdy. There wasn’t one point during his set that I stopped dancing. His set flowed nicely and his production was amazing. I took some time to stand in the back of the venue to take it all in. The visuals and the set up were perfect. I wish that the paint didn’t distract from the production as much as it did. Paint parties are a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to escape and enjoy the show as a normal show. There wasn’t anywhere to sit so dancing all night, fighting off the crowd towards the middle, and being inside made it an exhausting event. If anyone different would’ve headlined this particular Boulder show show I don’t think I would have attended.

Overall Life In Color was 100 times better than the first year I went. The music, production, and venue were all better. I would like to experience this again as long as there is a good line up and venue!


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