Show Love Spread Love – GRiZ Review


Colorado has showed massive amounts of love to GRiZ over the past year. His March 1st headlining show was a defining moment in the progress he has made since I first saw him at Snowball last year. The show was put on by and Colorado locals SunsquabiLate Night Radio, and Two Fresh started off the night right. Sunsquabi opened the night with chill electronic vibes. Bringing fresh remixes to Paper Diamond’s “Can We Go Up” and Ratatat’s “Loudpipes“, Sunsquabi set the mood for what was to come. Their live use of instruments made their set intriguing and I really enjoyed their music. Make sure to check out their soundcloud for free downloads. Late Night Radio came to the stage with a funky, glitch hop, electronic sound. This is the first time I’ve had the chance to see Late Night Radio and I’m glad I was fortunate enough to see him open for GRiZ. The crowd turned up the energy and didn’t stop dancing. His variety of songs he offered made for an energetic set. His soundcloud has an array songs for download so make sure to show some local love. “Dreamin’” and “Morning Roast” are some of my favorite tracks. Last, but not least Two Fresh took the stage as the final openers of the night. This duo’s electronic/hip-hop/trap sound was exactly what the crowd needed. Their chill hip-hop vibes and trap beats kept the energy going. You can download their new “Watch This!” EP on soundcloud.

​GRiZ came out with his saxaphone ready to go. His set wasn’t fully lit up as he was just getting started, but when the first big drop came everything lit up. The visuals that took over were incredible. It was hard to take your eyes off of him and what was going on around him. GRiZ is a true talent on the saxophone. It gives his live sets so much flavor and it was awesome to watch him play. He added a taste of the saxaphone to “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” right before the Grizmatik drop, which made the crowd go wild. Songs from “Mad Liberation”, “Welcome to Jamrock“, “Du Du Doo“, and a new Grizmatik song were dropped during his set. I couldn’t find it in me to walk away from my spot all night. You could feel the happiness and excitement he was feeling during the entire set. There was so much energy and good vibes. Being in front of a sold out Ogden show was a huge moment for GRiZ. If you missed the Ogden show make sure to grab Snowball Music Festival tickets to catch Grizmatik’s set.


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