Come and Get It (The Remixes) – Krewella

The much awaited Come and Get It Remixes are available for your listening enjoyment and free download! Savoy, Rogue, Razihel, The Chaotic Good, Kairo Kingdom, and DMNDZ have each put their own flavor to the much loved drum and bass track recently released by Krewella. Each artist made sure to show up with their genres in line, nothing was too familiar,  and all the producers left us with an audio signature strong enough to leave their mark and make you want more. DMNDZ kills it with his trap/dub style that brings a variety of new trap sounds to the original. Savoy’s drumstep/trap remix brings in an unexpected new drop. Kairo Kingdom’s remix is my favorite of the remixes. His heavy drumstep drops give this song the dirty dubstep edge that the original was lacking. Overall the variety of artists was what this song needed. The original was great, but each remix gave it a twist to make us love it that much more.


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