Paragon – Paper Diamond

There has been much anticipation built around the release of Paper Diamond’s “Paragon”. With incredible features from Cherub, Buku, Protohype, and beautiful vocals from Angela McCluskey, there’s no doubt that this one is a must add to your Paper Diamond collection!


I think it’s safe to say that “Paragon” is the one of the best releases Paper Diamond has given us. This 11 track EP showcases his style of music that has made him the much loved artist he has become. The “paragon intro” opens up the EP that slowly builds up with an instrumental feel to it. It gives you a sense of whats about to unfold and turn into a electronic exploration he is taking the listener through. The intro flows into “All Goose”, a song that exemplifies the signature sound he has made for himself. It’s the perfect blend of electronic and trap.

His collaboration with Cherub brings things down a bit with a funky electro feel to it without losing its Paper Diamond essence and bringing out Cherbu’s best musical qualities. “They Can’t Tell Me Nothing” brings in synths that set the mood and continues to build up with added rapping giving an energy that leads to a drop that doesn’t disappoint.

he 2 minute track “Like a Summer Breeze” is refreshing and sets a chill vibe that helps to prepare the listener for “Temple Run”, his collab with Buku. Paper Diamond and Buku both have awesome signature sounds and you can tell which sounds and ideas come from each artist with synths from Paper Diamond and Buku’s sound coming in and being heavily heard about a minute into the track. “Temple Run” brings exposure to Buku’s talent as an artist.

“PaperHype” has been one of the much awaited tracks from “Paragon”. These two have made for an incredible collaboration. Protohype has developed in his style of music, but this track gives the listener a taste of his older style, a style that blends perfectly with Paper Diamond’s. “PaperHype” has a melodic feel to it and drop that is sure to make a crowd move. These two have both been hard at work this past year and it seems that it’s paying off for the both of them individually and together with is track. Maybe we will be lucky enough to hear more tracks from these two.

“Paragon” offers so much to it’s listener. It’s filled with great drops, but the songs that don’t offer a big drop are just as equally as good. There are few artists who can create an EP with such a great balance. You get a taste of everything he has to offer for an artist. “Paragon” is the EP that is going to help contribute to Paper Diamond’s major success for 2013. Check out his souncloud to listen to the whole EP. “Paragon” is also available for download on Paper Diamond’s facebook!




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