Paragon – Paper Diamond

There has been much anticipation built around the release of Paper Diamond’s “Paragon”. With incredible features from Cherub, Buku, Protohype, and beautiful vocals from Angela McCluskey, there’s no doubt that this one is a must add to your Paper Diamond collection!


I think it’s safe to say that “Paragon” is the one of the best releases Paper Diamond has given us. This 11 track EP showcases his style of music that has made him the much loved artist he has become. The “paragon intro” opens up the EP that slowly builds up with an instrumental feel to it. It gives you a sense of whats about to unfold and turn into a electronic exploration he is taking the listener through. The intro flows into “All Goose”, a song that exemplifies the signature sound he has made for himself. It’s the perfect blend of electronic and trap.

His collaboration with Cherub brings things down a bit with a funky electro feel to it without losing its Paper Diamond essence and bringing out Cherbu’s best musical qualities. “They Can’t Tell Me Nothing” brings in synths that set the mood and continues to build up with added rapping giving an energy that leads to a drop that doesn’t disappoint.

he 2 minute track “Like a Summer Breeze” is refreshing and sets a chill vibe that helps to prepare the listener for “Temple Run”, his collab with Buku. Paper Diamond and Buku both have awesome signature sounds and you can tell which sounds and ideas come from each artist with synths from Paper Diamond and Buku’s sound coming in and being heavily heard about a minute into the track. “Temple Run” brings exposure to Buku’s talent as an artist.

“PaperHype” has been one of the much awaited tracks from “Paragon”. These two have made for an incredible collaboration. Protohype has developed in his style of music, but this track gives the listener a taste of his older style, a style that blends perfectly with Paper Diamond’s. “PaperHype” has a melodic feel to it and drop that is sure to make a crowd move. These two have both been hard at work this past year and it seems that it’s paying off for the both of them individually and together with is track. Maybe we will be lucky enough to hear more tracks from these two.

“Paragon” offers so much to it’s listener. It’s filled with great drops, but the songs that don’t offer a big drop are just as equally as good. There are few artists who can create an EP with such a great balance. You get a taste of everything he has to offer for an artist. “Paragon” is the EP that is going to help contribute to Paper Diamond’s major success for 2013. Check out his souncloud to listen to the whole EP. “Paragon” is also available for download on Paper Diamond’s facebook!




Superheroes Anonymous Vol 1.

This spring has been an incredible season for mixes, remixes, and new singles. Adventure Club’s “Life In Color Mix” and recent “Ultra Music Festival Mix” became part of our music diet and they’re back with a 40 minute mix to add to our library. “Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 1” is packed with remixes and artists. Original tracks and remixes from Gemini, KDrew, Minnesota, Jakwob, Candyland, and many more are featured. The variety of dubstep and electronic tracks flow perfectly making it hard to walk away without listening to it in its entirety. “Superheroes Anonymous” showcases their mixing abilities and appreciation for other great artists and genres other than the beautiful melodic, vocal filled dubstep they produce.

Make sure to catch Adventure Club September 28th at Red Rocks with Big Gigantic!

Come and Get It (The Remixes) – Krewella

The much awaited Come and Get It Remixes are available for your listening enjoyment and free download! Savoy, Rogue, Razihel, The Chaotic Good, Kairo Kingdom, and DMNDZ have each put their own flavor to the much loved drum and bass track recently released by Krewella. Each artist made sure to show up with their genres in line, nothing was too familiar,  and all the producers left us with an audio signature strong enough to leave their mark and make you want more. DMNDZ kills it with his trap/dub style that brings a variety of new trap sounds to the original. Savoy’s drumstep/trap remix brings in an unexpected new drop. Kairo Kingdom’s remix is my favorite of the remixes. His heavy drumstep drops give this song the dirty dubstep edge that the original was lacking. Overall the variety of artists was what this song needed. The original was great, but each remix gave it a twist to make us love it that much more.

Tunes of the Week!

Ultra Music Festival has provided us with a ton of incredible sets to download and listen to. If you missed the live action at home on your computer from Ultra Live make sure to get your hands on some of the downloads by checking out artists soundclouds. Here’s a Adventure Club’s set to hold you over.

Say hello to Denver’s newest resident KDrew! He’s recently made the move to Denver to help better his career. Make sure to download his newest house anthem “Halogen”. So far it seems that Denver has really gotten the creative juices flowing! Catch KDrew at City Hall April 5th! Tickets available for purchase here.​

Jay Cosmic’s “Clarity” remix won over the ears of many when it was posted to a few months back. He’s back with a new remix of DVBB’s “We Are Electric”. With support from Porter Robinson, this festival house track is bound to become a summer anthem! The only rules are to download and play loudly. Keep your ears open for more to come from this fresh new artist!

Dillon Francis has been sneaking his way into every blog post! His signature moombahton style, vocals, and massive drop make this a track to remember. Released on Mad Decent, “Messages” is available through purchase on iTunes.

The M Machine is back again with a new remix to Arty’s “Together We Are”​. These guys have been releasing some pretty amazing stuff the past few months. Their true electronic sound gives a new unique sound to the original house track. A new take on the track done tastefully!

Bassnectar and PatrickReza are bringing the bass with their remix to Tom Swoon’s “Not Too Late”. Amba Shepherd’s vocals mixed with Bassnectar and PatrickReza’s recognizable sound make for a beautiful remix. You can never have too much nectar in your library! This track is available for purchase through Beatport.


Fresh New Music

The “So Young So High” remixes are now available for purchase ​through iTunesDillon FranicsTiësto, and Anybody took on the challenge of remixing the song off of the duos last album release “The Rules of Dada”. Each artist’s remix brings their own style that make the song easier to fall in love with!

“Deception” is the newest release from Cedric Gervais and Borgore. This electro house track is definitely going to be a summer hit. The big build and bass filled drop give your ears a taste of what each artist has to offer. These two make for the perfect collaboration.

​”I Dare You” is by far one of my favorite recent releases from Savoy. The vocals from Bright Lights go great with the electro house style they have mastered. It’s been released on Wolfgang Gartner’s label Kindergartner Recordings. A huge step for the band! Make sure to grab this one off Beatport.

Sound Remedy has been winning over the ears of many with his beautiful and melodic remixes. His latest release to Daughter’s “Medicine” is one to add to your collection of chill tunes. ​The beautiful vocals from Daughter fit perfectly with the style of dubstep he has created.

Take a step into the trap house for a minute and listen to Brillz and ETC!ETC!‘s song “New Jack Swoop”. I’ve heard this track thrown into many live sets and it’s becoming a trap anthem. Its old hip hop sampling and unique sounds give it something that not every trap song has. Brillz and ETC!ETC! make for great a collaboration. Download and turn up!

Dillon Francis has been on a roll with providing us with awesome remixes. His latest release is his remix to Justin Timberlake’s new song “Suit & Tie”.  The electronic remix has just the right amount of Dillon Francis flavor that makes it just as enjoyable as the original version. No release date is available, but for now enjoy on soundcloud.

ƱZ surfaced into the trap world last year and has been setting the mark for trap artists. His identity is unknown, but his music is known by many. ƱZ is a true talent and his release of “Balltrap Muzic Vol. 1” will give you a taste of what many have come to love. It’s available for a free download. Get ready to turn up!


Show Love Spread Love – GRiZ Review


Colorado has showed massive amounts of love to GRiZ over the past year. His March 1st headlining show was a defining moment in the progress he has made since I first saw him at Snowball last year. The show was put on by and Colorado locals SunsquabiLate Night Radio, and Two Fresh started off the night right. Sunsquabi opened the night with chill electronic vibes. Bringing fresh remixes to Paper Diamond’s “Can We Go Up” and Ratatat’s “Loudpipes“, Sunsquabi set the mood for what was to come. Their live use of instruments made their set intriguing and I really enjoyed their music. Make sure to check out their soundcloud for free downloads. Late Night Radio came to the stage with a funky, glitch hop, electronic sound. This is the first time I’ve had the chance to see Late Night Radio and I’m glad I was fortunate enough to see him open for GRiZ. The crowd turned up the energy and didn’t stop dancing. His variety of songs he offered made for an energetic set. His soundcloud has an array songs for download so make sure to show some local love. “Dreamin’” and “Morning Roast” are some of my favorite tracks. Last, but not least Two Fresh took the stage as the final openers of the night. This duo’s electronic/hip-hop/trap sound was exactly what the crowd needed. Their chill hip-hop vibes and trap beats kept the energy going. You can download their new “Watch This!” EP on soundcloud.

​GRiZ came out with his saxaphone ready to go. His set wasn’t fully lit up as he was just getting started, but when the first big drop came everything lit up. The visuals that took over were incredible. It was hard to take your eyes off of him and what was going on around him. GRiZ is a true talent on the saxophone. It gives his live sets so much flavor and it was awesome to watch him play. He added a taste of the saxaphone to “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” right before the Grizmatik drop, which made the crowd go wild. Songs from “Mad Liberation”, “Welcome to Jamrock“, “Du Du Doo“, and a new Grizmatik song were dropped during his set. I couldn’t find it in me to walk away from my spot all night. You could feel the happiness and excitement he was feeling during the entire set. There was so much energy and good vibes. Being in front of a sold out Ogden show was a huge moment for GRiZ. If you missed the Ogden show make sure to grab Snowball Music Festival tickets to catch Grizmatik’s set.

Lend Me Your Ears!!

Bro Safari has brought us his newest release available for ​free download on soundcloud. Appropriately titled “The Drop” the new trap banger brings a trap beat with snares, vocal samples, and an awesome drop that is sure to make you move. Don’t forget to add this one to your trap collection!

Zeds Dead​ promised us the release of “Ratchet” when they reached 400,000 facebook fans and it’s finally here! Zeds Dead has mastered their own trap sound and has brought the bass with this one. Make sure to turn this one up!

Newly signed to Fire Power Records, Protohype is back with a release of his remix to Datsik’s “Nuke Em'”. He gives the already loved a track a taste of his style and brings more of a heavy hitting dubstep sound. Protohype offers an original sound that fits perfectly with Fire Power Records. Make sure to add this remix to your library and don’t forget to check out what more he has to offer on his soundcloud.

It’s been a while since Alvin Risk has released a new track, but he’s back to deliver us with a new track called “Skyclad”. It has Risk’s signature sound and the vocals and melody make for a great track. It’s available for purchase on iTunes.

It’s been months since we’ve heard from Gemini and his newest remix release to Ellie Goulding’s “Explosion” is sure to win over the ears of many. I’ve been patiently waiting for a remix to this song and Gemini has nailed it! This heavy dub remix is going to be hard to beat.

Stratus killed it with his remix to Krewella’s “Killin’ It” and he’s brought us another great tune. It’s a Stratus original called “Alarm”. Stratus is one to keep your ears open for this year! Pick this one up on Beatport.

Savoy – Live with Lasers


Savoy has been hard at work the past 7 months. They gave us a preview of their talent at Red Rocks in September, released the ‘Personal Legend’ EP, and started their ‘Live with Lasers’ tour. I was fortunate enough to catch one of the 3 Colorado shows. I’m really happy I made the decision to see them at their sold out show at the Boulder Theater. It was the perfect venue in terms of space and visuals.

When Savoy first came on blue laser lights lit up the stage. The normal lighting you would see at any show. The opening song didn’t bring any surprises with lasers and the first song was a warm up to get the crowd amped. As soon as the second song hit its first drop lasers attacked the venue. I had never seen anything like it! The lasers had a vast array of colors and they truly were putting on a show dancing around. It was mesmerizing. I hung out in the balcony for the first 30 minutes of the show so I could sit back and enjoy the lasers without distraction and really take it in. The 12 extra subs that they brought definitely did justice to all the “talking up” that was being done about this tour. I knew Savoy wouldn’t disappoint Boulder. The bass could be felt whether you were upstairs or downstairs. There are so many shows I’ve been to where the lasers have been such a disappointment on the floor, but when I went down to the first row the lasers were just as mesmerizing. It’s the first time in a while that I actually wanted to be on the floor and so close to the stage. The further into the set the more I felt drawn to get closer to all the action. Not only were the lasers amazing, but Mike’s drumming talent is another fine addition to the set. He has the ability to keep up flawlessly and contribute to the electronic bass that Savoy is known for. They played most of the ‘Personal Legend’ EP along with the crowd favorites: ‘So Bad (feat. Heather Bright)’, ‘I’m Fine‘, ‘Senator‘, and ‘We are the Sun (feat. Heather Bright)‘. Out of the two times I’ve had the chance to see Savoy, this has been my favorite. The time and passion that went into their production and music shined through. There wasn’t a dull moment and I didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait to see what else Savoy has for us this year and get the opportunity to see another live show. Along side being talented, they are also very genuine and friendly people. I felt as if I had met them before. They made connections with everyone who had the opportunity to talk to them and showed everyone a great time at the after parties.

If you get the opportunity to catch a show do yourself a favor and go. To see if Savoy is coming to your area check out their tour dates and make sure to bring your sunglasses! Keep your eyes peeled on twitter after shows to see if you can catch them at any house/after parties.


Don’t forget to catch ‘Personal Legend’ on Savoy’s soundcloud for a free download!

New For Your Ears

There’s been a ton of good stuff getting released lately. I have so many favorites and on repeat. Here’s a few I’ve been listening to this week.

1. Metropolis Part 2 – The M Machine

metropolis part 2

About 10 months ago The M Machine released the first part of the Metropolis EP. This electronic trio finally released the second part of Metropolis on OWSLA’s label. The newest addition dropped yesterday. I have been a HUGE fan of The M Machine ever since I saw them last July when they opened for Porter Robinson. They are the definition of true electronic music. They’re “indie-styled” vocals and electronic dance sound make them one of kind. The vocals and live production are what made me fall in love with them. The new EP is fantastic. The 35 minute Metropolis mix on their soundcloud gives you a taste of their EP. The opening song ‘The Palace (feat. Blake Hazard)‘ starts off with piano lines, introduces awesome vocals from Blake Hazard, and drops into a hard hitting electronic song. Their unique sounds make them stand out from the rest. ‘Ghosts In The Machine (feat. pennybirdrabbit)‘ offers a smooth electronic sound with indie vocals that give the song emotion.  ‘Schadenfreude‘ is one of my favorites from the EP. The vocals and the different use of sounds, synths, and the drops make it appealing to the ears. Last, but not least is ‘Luma‘. This is my absolute favorite on the EP. It opens with a piano ‘piece” that has a beautiful sorrow sound and builds into an electronic sound that flows so nicely with the opening piano lines. It is the perfect ending to the EP. This EP tells a story of its own. Each song has its own emotion and sound. Make sure to add this to your OWSLA collection. It’s available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes.

2. Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) – Lana Del Rey


Who doesn’t love a great Lana Del Rey remix? She is one of my favorite artists and her voice transpires well over to electro house, house and dubstep remixes. I was happy to that Cedric Gervais worked his magic on this one. This house remix offers a big drop that makes you want to dance. This is definitely one of my favorite remixes to a Lana song so far. This remix is available for purchase through Beatport. It’s a great one to start your day!

3. Come With Me (Remixes) – Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki is back at it again with more remixes! The newest remix EP is for his song ‘Come With Me (feat. Polina)‘ from his album ‘Wonderland‘, which dropped back in January 2012. The EP has remixes from ArkAngel, Pierce Fulton, Lazy Rich, Jidax, Doorly, and Deorro. Each artist has put a new twist to the song. There is so much flavor in this EP. The house, electro house, and dubstep variety give you something new with each song. I really enjoy the Doorly and Lazy Rich remixes! Make sure to grab this one off Beatport and turn it up!

4. I Love You So (XVII Bootleg) [Preview]


I just recently discovered XVII trap. The 17 year old from Canada has been hard at work putting out original trap remixes. This is a short preview he recently posted to soundcloud! ‘I Love You So‘ by Cassius is a crowd favorite and the new trap approach is executed well by XVII. Make sure to check out his soundcloud to hear original remixes and get downloads.

5. Cowboy (ƱZ Remix)


This is one you can’t pass up! ƱZ is back with a new remix to Zeds Dead song ‘Cowboy (feat. Omar Linx)‘. ƱZ keeps its Zeds Dead sound, but incorporates his signature trap sound. I didn’t think that this song would turn into such a great trap remix, but I love it! It wasn’t over done and kept the essence of the original. Add this to your trap collection and turn up! Also Make sure to check out Torro Torro’s remix as well for a fresh new take!

Life In Color – A Review


Life in Color Rebirth was held at the Balch Field House in Boulder on February 16th. Formerly known as Dayglow, the event has taken on a new name and a new image. The last time I went to Dayglow was two years ago. I wasn’t too fond of the event. A lot of things could’ve been done better, which is why I was really looking forward to Life In Color. The venue was pretty big and had plenty of room for everyone without being overly crowded.

The line up for this event was great minus the fact that Seven Lions wasn’t able to make it. I was disappointed by this because I have been a big Seven Lions fan from the beginning and I missed him last time he was in Colorado. The talented duo Basscrooks from Denver ended up being the only openers I saw for the event. I enjoyed their set a lot. They played a lot of heavy dubstep and had the crowd rowdy the whole time. Their own songs were played as well as other well known tunes by Skrillex, and many others. I knew Borgore’s set was going to be heavy dubstep with some drum and bass so by the time Basscrooks ended I was happy to have a break to cool down, grab some water, and get ready for the massive amount of paint that was going to put into the crowd. Borgore’s set featured the Cream Machine. A giant LED ice cream truck in which his set is played in. The picture below isn’t from Life In Color, but is a glimpse of the set that was seen at the event.


The last time I saw Borgore at Skylab I didn’t care for his set too much, but this time around I was really impressed. He played the perfect mix of dubstep, drum & bass, and electro house. ‘Nympho‘, ‘Decisions‘, and ‘Flex‘ were some of Borgore originals thrown in the set. Paint parties are messy and after the first experience with Dayglow I was nervous about this one. This time around I actually wanted to get messy and dance in the crowd. Paint Party + Borgore = Success. Borgore is known for his wild sets and the addition of paint the crowd more rowdy. There wasn’t one point during his set that I stopped dancing. His set flowed nicely and his production was amazing. I took some time to stand in the back of the venue to take it all in. The visuals and the set up were perfect. I wish that the paint didn’t distract from the production as much as it did. Paint parties are a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to escape and enjoy the show as a normal show. There wasn’t anywhere to sit so dancing all night, fighting off the crowd towards the middle, and being inside made it an exhausting event. If anyone different would’ve headlined this particular Boulder show show I don’t think I would have attended.

Overall Life In Color was 100 times better than the first year I went. The music, production, and venue were all better. I would like to experience this again as long as there is a good line up and venue!