Porter Robinson — Denver, Colorado

The only thing I wanted to do this weekend was go see Porter Robinson at the Ogden. I was lucky enough to have a friend who was on the guest list!

Last night was the 5th time I had seen him and let me tell you, it was the best performance I have seen from him hands down. His performance at the Odgen blew his performance at Global Dance Festival 2011 out of the water! He has been up and coming this past year and each show I attend gets bigger and better. The light show was amazing and went PERFECTLY with each song and not once did he have those “oops” moments. (If he did, he did a GREAT job of breezing through them). He was confident and didn’t have to say a word. The crowd was wild the minute he stepped on stage.

Watching the the m machine and matt zo open before was a nice warm up to the party that was just about to begin. As i watched the opening acts, I kept staring at Porters stage and kept imagining how it was going to look and it ended up being more epic than I had imagined. The moments when his set lit up the whole crowd were the best moments of the night. Its the best feeling to look around a venue and be able to see everyone and take in everyone feeling the same way, dancing, and enjoying everyone’s vibes.

I greatly admire what this 19 year old artist/producer is doing with his music. I get a mix of dubstep, electronic sound, but he gives the element of house/trance when he throws in amazing vocalists. He’s a little bit of everything. I didn’t want to take my eyes off of him. Watching him shows his talent and the amazing energy he always carries.

His mix of his own music, knife party, and many others created a flow that kept everyone jumping and dancing around. Everyone’s favorites: Vandalism, The Seconds, Unison, and Language were played. Language closing out his set with a bang. The Language Tour made a name for itself when Language was played, and played again partially for an encore.

This guy is rising on the charts and I hope to see him continue to grow. he’s young, fresh, extremely talented, and just what the EDM world has been lacking.


A shot from Porter Robinson’s show in Denver.


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